Coping with the news media in America.

I have been following current events for many years.  You could actually say that it has been an active hobby (addiction) of mine since my first current events course in high school that I took around 1982 or 1983.  Sadly, I have become disillusioned in my old age.  Since this last election cycle in the United States I feel that I have just over dosed on the bullshit that is our media coverage.  There is no antidote that I can take for this over dose.  I’ve tried to listen to both the right leaning news sources, the left leaning news sources and the “alternative” news sources.  The fact is… they all suck.  Everyone has their own agenda to promote and I am just sick of being strung along for the sake of everyone’s advertisers.  I have decided to check out.  I will be enjoying the “Bread and Circuses” of our modern times.  We live in an age of plenty that is just filled with distractions so that we don’t pay attention to what our masters are plotting.  This blog will seek to share how I amuse myself in this digital age of plenty.  I will be writing reviews of the electronic equipment I use, websites I frequent, podcasts I listen to, music I enjoy and anything else I can think of that will keep me from focusing on the things here I can’t change in this country.  I am sure that some current events will manage to sneak into this blog as well.  Like I said it is kind of an addiction but with your help maybe I can kick the habit!

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